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Calling for an end to military impunity

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Myanmar's Permanent Representative (Ambassador) to UN in Geneva H.E U Myint Thu's presentation on the situation in Myanmar today at the UN Human Rights Council (United Nations Human Rights) does not reflect the will of the people of Myanmar. Rather, his statement represented the view of the unlawful Military Junta.

Therefore, the situation did not represent the actual ground situation of what is happening in Myanmar. We urge the UN Human Rights Council to immediately form a multinational investigation team and send to Myanmar for assessment and for humanitarian help.

We understood that H.E U Myint Thu delivered his presentation under immense pressure and threat from the Junta and thus compromising the truth and authenticity. We believe that his family, his career, and his life may have been threatened before his statements. This is a common tactic by dictators to silence the people's voice. Listen to voices on the ground through your embassies and you can learn the repression that is pervasive and the passion of our people. H.E. Nada Al-Nashif's statements represent the situation on the ground aptly with lethal and less-than-lethal weapons being used on non-violent protesters and draconian laws passed severely limiting the freedom of expression of the Myanmar peoples'.

China and Russia, you are wrong in addressing this issue as a national matter. You sold the guns, the tanks, and riot gear, that have been used in the repression of civilians. You are complicit in the coup and have already interfered in Myanmar's national matters.

Currently, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw - CRPH has been formed of elected officials from the 2020 election where more than 70% of the country voted and there was full transparency of each of the votes cast to a plethora of observers.

Currently, the people's civil disobedience movement is in full swing where millions of people are on the streets protesting against this unlawful junta. Moreover, over 55% of civil servants have launched a general strike to disallow this dictator's government any legitimacy.

We do not want to go back to dictatorship. This unlawful junta must step down and give back power to its civilians. Here are some demands of the movement!

1. Release all political prisoners without exception
2. End violent repression of Myanmar Peoples utilizing their Basic Human Rights
3. Respecting the result of the 2020 election and return power to civilian control
4. Calling for an end to military impunity and establishing a military that is fully accountable to its civilian government.

These demands come from the people and the people united shall win!

Sharing above from social media of the Myanmar community

Never were truer words spoken on this board.


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