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မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့် ရေး၊ဖတ်ဖို့ ဒီနေရာကို သွားပါ။

Nights are no longer safe with a serious violation of Basic Human Rights in Myanmar.

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The military just announced that they invoke article 419 to revoke article 5, 7 and 8 of the 2008 constitution (basic human rights protection of the people ). The effects are:
1) they can arrest without warrants;
2) they can search the houses without the presence of the ward administrative officer;
3) they can track people down;
4) they can seek information from the operators;
5) they can detain people for more than 24 hours.
According to those, they can go in and out of every house without any permission or warrants, and they can search everywhere and can arrest anyone.

The military released imprisoned criminals yesterday. These released criminals had tried to poison the apartments’ water tanks in several townships in the middle of the night. Yesterday Night: These released criminals had thrown "Fire Rings" starting the fire in most streets of Tharkayta, Yangon around 8:30 PM.

Tonight the criminals tried putting poison in the drinking water pipes of apartments in NgaMoeYeik Township.
Myanmar people are now having to build barriers around the streets or wards to protect themselves from these criminals released by the military. Local people have identified some and have tied them up, asking the prisoners about who ordered them to do it.

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Never were truer words spoken on this board.


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